The retail & fashion industry is still in the early days of experimentation for chatbot technology. More than 20 of the largest retailers and some of the most iconic fashion brands have begun developing chatbots. Many of these bots have been seasonal holiday campaigns, and the industry is still determining the best use cases to enhance customer experience. The top platforms for retail and fashion bots are Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger.

Best use cases include

  • Shop the collection

  • Quiz to collect customer preferences and suggest products

  • Sending push notifications about deals and offers

  • Store locator

  • Contact customer care

The standout chatbots include

  • American Eagle - Visual search and Complete the Look

  • eBay - Natural language and image recognition

  • CoverGirl - Influencer based and strong ROI metrics

  • Kiehl's - Wide range of functionality

  • Louis Vuitton - Natural language and wide range of functionality

  • Sephora - Natural language and image recognition

  • Uniqlo - Natural language and in-store inventory