Facebook Messenger Bot

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  • The bot was developed as a companion to Michael Kor's new line of smartwatches
  • In order to activate the chatbot through Facebook Messenger search Michael Kors in Messenger App
  • Through a multiple choice format users can interact with the bot on topics ranging from smartwatch setup, shipping/warranty, or shopping
  • Users who are owners of the smartwatch can make shopping purchases in-app with the bot via a linked credit card

Google Assistant Actions


Try it out

  • Users can enable the bot by searching the “Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Chat” via the Google Assistant app
  • The bot recommends solutions and redirects users to tutorials for many FAQ if they are struggling to set up the watch
  • The bot is also able to give style suggestions that are curated with the help of the user's input
  • Michael Kors developed their AI technology in-house