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Chatbot Guide is one of the leading resources for trends and best practices on chatbots. Our guide contains hundreds of case studies of bots from leading global brands across industries.

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ABOUT THE EDITOR - Aneto Okonkwo 

Aneto Okonkwo is the Editor of Chatbot Guide. He is also one of the co-founders of Chatdesk, a New York based provider of software and machine learning solutions for improving customer experience.

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Aneto previously worked at Google for 7+ years as a Product Manager. During his time at Google, he designed and launched projects for Voice Search and the Google Assistant.  In this role, Aneto led teams that used Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks like Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing. Earlier in his career, he held engineering roles at Microsoft and Silicon Valley startups.

Aneto has co-authored 10 software patents and holds a BS and MA from Stanford University where he was a Mayfield Fellow.