Twitter Chatbot

Special Event Promotion (No longer available)

Special Event Promotion (No longer available)

  • To promote 'Nike's sub-2 hour marathon' twitter users were prompted to interact with @Nike
  • Users could opt in to the campaign by tweeting, liking, or re-tweeting the account
  • At the time of promotion the bot allowed subscribers to stay current and watch the race live
  • Users received both automated reminders and live updates  
  • The auto-response bot was developed by IC Group

Facebook Messenger Chatbot


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  • Users can interact with the chatbot by searching 'Nike' in the Messenger App
  • Functionality includes browsing the Nike footwear and clothing selections as well as NikeID (customizable nike gear)
  • Multiple choice responses as well as natural queries are supported
  • The bot typically responds with interactive buttons, pictures and gifs
  • The bot was developed by