Mobile App and Web-Based bot

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Try it out: Mobile or Web

  • Automated Assistant available in USAA mobile app and on the USAA website
  • Impact: 20,000 interactions per week with most of those questions coming in the written form rather than asked out loud
  • The chatbot uses Nina artificial intelligence (AI) technology, supplied by Nuance Communications
  • Functionality includes activating cards, changing a PIN, adding travel notifications, and reporting lost or stolen cards

Amazon Alexa Skill


Try it out or watch a video

  • Users can speak with the USAA chatbot via Amazon Alexa
  • The innovative chatbot is in a class all its own due to advancements in AI
    • There are no multiple choice options for the user
    • Each users' interaction is unique because the AI learns after every single conversation
    • The AI understands the limits of its knowledge and can specifically describe information it has trouble identifying to live customer service agents
  • Functionality includes anything a personal financial adviser would be able to tell a user. Including but not limited to:
    • Spending breakdowns
    • Predictive/Hypothetical economic cause and effect scenarios
    • Financial recommendations considering local, domestic, and global trends
    • Etc.
  • Developed by vendor Clinc