Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa Skill


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  • Users can speak with the UPS chatbot via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • Functionality includes giving users a way to retrieve package delivery information
  • The chatbot links with users' UPS My Choice accounts
  • The UPS chatbot responds in a conversational manner to make users feel less like they are talking to a virtual assistant

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

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  • UPS's 'Casey' gives users access to the delivery status of their packages
  • Users can interact with Casey via multiple choice prompts or through natural queries
  • The bot accepts tracking numbers but a user's UPS My Choice account works just as well

Skype bot

(Closed beta and is no longer available)

(Closed beta and is no longer available)

  • Closed Beta functionality included locating nearest UPS locations and package tracking
  • Users were able to enter personal queries and the UPS bot was able to respond naturally
  • Any questions the bot struggled with could be instantly reffered to a live customer service agent