Facebook Messenger Bot

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  • Customers can use the bot to look up market news, stock quotes, and events
  • The bot provides educational videos on topics like 401(k)s and Roth IRAs.
  • TD Ameritrade uses three-legged OAuth to allow clients to log into their own accounts on Facebook Messenger.
    • If a customer taps “Account,” she’s presented with a login screen that asks for her user name and password.
    • Behind the scenes, TD Ameritrade is also using device ID to verify her identity. 
  • A social media response team of 15 people watches all the interactions and jumps in where they feel human intervention might be called for. 
  • An internal agile development team built the chatbot with help from two vendors - BlueMetal and Inthechat.

Amazon Alexa Skill


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  • Available as a “Skill” that customers can add to the Amazon Alexa app
  • Functionality includes
  • Stock prices
  •  Quotes
  • Market updates

Web Based

  • "Virtual Investment Consultant" called Ted. Available in the logged in experience for TD Ameritrade customers
  • Answers complex FAQs and provides links to actions

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