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Kik Messenger Chatbot

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  • Users can start chatting with playtex's 'Girl_Space' by searching the username playtexsport on their Kik account
  • Girl_Space attempts to create a casual chat experience to put users at ease while talking about heavily stigmatized topics
  • Girl_Space employs humor and tone-appropriate dialogue in a body-positive setting to gain its users' trust
  • Functionality includes users being able to track their periods, receive tips, participate in an interactive scavenger hunt, and ask tough questions on that time of the month
  • 5.4 million messages exchanged with users
  • 17% of users completed the period tracker
  • 3.4 minutes was the average time spent per user
  • 19% started playing a game with Girl_Space
  • The chatbot was developed by Massively, Facebook and IBM Watson