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Social Media Bot


  • KLM handling 15,000 customer service cases per week from social media
  • When an agent receives a customer question, the AI proposes an answer
  • Agent decides whether the proposed answer is accurate, adjusts it if necessary and sends the response


  • Integrated into KLM’s Customer Relationship Management tool (Salesforce)
  • Trained on 60,000+ questions and answers. The system learns based on what the agent does.
  • Uses DigitalGenius

Google assistant 

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  • With Google Assistant's KLM bot users receive tips on how to pack bags for flight based on a destination.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence through Blue Bot service to speak to users in a conversational manner. 
  • Answers frequently asked questions and provides information about airline requirements. 

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

  • KLM named their chatbot BB so that it would have a name like any other person
  • BB's personality is female, helpful, friendly, and professional
  • The chatbot books flights, sends confirmations, and handles payment
  • By connecting BB with KLM's CRM system, a human agent can take over if BB is unable to answer
  • Impact: 
    • 60,000 questions answered
    • Receives around 100,000 mentions per week
    • 15,000 conversations per week
  • The app was built using Google Dialogflow