Web-Based Chatbot



  • Launched in India
  • Built into customer service portion of website
  • Handles simple FAQs (e.g. How can I close my account?” and “How can I change my address?)
  • Developed by vendor Creative Virtual

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.32.44 PM.png

Try it out

  • Users can interact with Citi's 'SG' bot by searching 'Citi Singapore' in Facebook Messenger
  • SG helps users get information about their account balances, transactions, rewards, and card bills
  • Users can also casually interact if they are just looking for mildly humorous and witty responses
  • For security purposes all user requests are met with a prompt from SG to log in to Citi
  • SG was developed in-house by Citi